Changing addresses

Changing addresses

Training camp starts in two weeks, but it seems Damian Lillard is no closer to seeing his wish come true than when he first expressed it two and a half months ago. Evidently concluding that the Blazers will not get any closer to being contenders in the foreseeable future, he turned the hitherto unthinkable — changing addresses — into a desire. And, to their credit, they have been trying to accede to his demand, albeit with a caveat: They will not deal him for pennies to the dollar, even (and, perhaps, especially) to the Heat, whose colors he said he prefers to don in the coming season.

If the pro hoops grapevine is to be believed, the Blazers have ramped up talks on Lillard’s departure to the point of likewise engaging with other potential trade partners. Whether one on one or as part of a multilateral effort that includes the Heat, however, their ultimate intent remains the same: They want equal value, and they’re willing to wait until they get it. And if they don’t, they’re also ready to treat their top scorer and playmaker as a rental from here on. They fully expect him to lead the charge for as long as he is in black and red.

For all of Lillard’s posturing, the bottom line cannot be denied: He lacks any leverage on the matter. And with the league office arguing in no uncertain terms that players need to honor terms of their contracts, he cannot even use the threat of a holdout to light a fire under the Blazers’ backsides. They have their own timetable, and they’re bent on following it. It’s why the Heat, who initially entertained thoughts of adding an All-Star for a bargain, now appear inclined to pivot to other options. After all, time waits for no man — not even for him.

At this point, it’s anybody’s guess as to where Lillard will land. The Heat continue to be the frontrunners for his services, if for no other reason than because they know he will be fully engaged upon his arrival; it won’t be the same elsewhere, or if he stays with the Blazers. Nonetheless, the latter hold the cards, and they’re keen on going all in.

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