Indonesian recognition sought for PHL-certified halal products

Indonesian recognition sought for PHL-certified halal products

THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said it will seek Indonesian recognition of Philippine-certified halal products, citing accreditation as an opportunity to enhance bilateral trade and connectivity.

At the Joint Philippines-Indonesia Roundtable Meeting on Wednesday, Trade Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual said the trade potential between the Philippines and Indonesia can be unlocked by facilitating the flow of Philippine goods into Indonesian markets and vice versa.

“We can make this happen through deepened cooperation on halal based on a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) between our nations,” Mr. Pascual said.

“Such measures align with Indonesia’s goal to enhance regional connectivity, catalyzing the flow of goods and invigorating the trading routes between the Philippines and Indonesia,” he added.

Mr. Pascual said that Indonesia is the Philippines’ fifth-largest trading partner, and the 15th largest export destination.

The Philippine Statistics Authority estimates that Indonesia accounted for $1.01 billion or 9.3% of total imports in November.

During the meeting, Mr. Pascual urged Indonesian business leaders to take advantage of Executive Order No. 18, which called for the streamlining of government processing of investment applications in strategic sectors like processing of critical minerals.

“Our nations are both rich in nickel and copper — vital for green technologies such as electric vehicles. By leveraging these resources and close collaboration, we can facilitate a transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy,” Mr. Pascual said. — Justine Irish D. Tabile