Unlocking global opportunities: Studying abroad made easier with accessible and reliable payment platforms

Unlocking global opportunities: Studying abroad made easier with accessible and reliable payment platforms

For Filipinos, studying abroad is a golden opportunity. Beyond obtaining a high-quality education, it paves the way toward a thriving career. It’s not surprising then that an increasing number of Filipinos are showing interest in studying overseas. In 2022, data from UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, revealed that nearly 23,000 Filipinos are pursuing education abroad.

“In the next five years, we can expect a 13% increase in Filipinos seeking quality education abroad. The endless possibilities it offers, coupled with strong support from the private and public sector, suggest a rising trend,” said PETNET President and CEO Adrian Alfonso Ocampo.

Aside from the educational and career benefits, there are additional exciting aspects to anticipate when studying abroad.

Exploring new places and building connections

Studying abroad goes beyond the classroom; it’s an opportunity to explore land away from home. During weekends or breaks from classes, students can schedule trips to roam across the country and meet new people, turning the experience into a combination of study and vacation.

Immersing in a new culture

Understanding and immersing oneself in a different country’s culture is another perk. By learning how the locals live and embracing their traditions, students gain a unique and expanded perspective of the world.

Professional growth

International education and work experience provide a competitive edge. It shapes people into dynamic, agile individuals who can adapt quickly.

PETNET, Inc. expanded its partnership under one of its service brands, PETNET Forex Solutions, with global B2B payments company, Convera, who provides leading payment solutions in the education space and is trusted by more than 900 institutions worldwide.

By leveraging Convera’s extensive network of partner universities, PETNET aims to offer a simple and economical solution through the Convera GlobalPay for Students platform for managing direct payments to international education providers,” said Mr. Ocampo.

With accessible programs for Filipino students, funding overseas education is now more manageable, particularly regarding tuition fees.

The Convera GlobalPay for Students platform ensures that Filipino students and payers can pay their tuition in Philippine Pesos (PHP) with the assurance that the payment will arrive on time, in full, without hidden charges. Tailored for international students, the platform offers a simple and reliable way to pay education fees.

Students, parents, and sponsors can select PETNET as their preferred payment option during checkout and complete their payment online via bank transfer.

Through this payment platform, PETNET Forex Solutions and Convera are empowering Filipinos by providing accessible payment solutions that bring them closer to their dreams of academic opportunities abroad.

“The Convera GlobalPay for Students platform hopes to assist Filipino students with access to a seamless and economical method of direct payments to education providers abroad,” said Mr. Ocampo. “Studying overseas is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. And we are glad that through our platform more Filipinos are being empowered to seize this once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough.”

Access the Convera GlobalPay for Students platform by visiting students.convera.com.

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