A dependable partner for every business

A dependable partner for every business

Most businesses operate on routine. Business models rely on meeting set expectations through pre-planned strategies on projected timetables.

This is largely why massive disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic have caused so much devastation in the global economy. Unpredictability and volatility are bad for business.

It is clear why many businesses, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular, place a premium on dependability in their strategic partners. It is very important to have stable partners who can be relied on even in the most trying circumstances, especially when it comes to the healthcare benefit programs for their employees.

Cocolife, the largest Filipino-owned stock life insurance firm and the first ISO-certified Filipino insurance company, has proven to be a such a trustworthy partner, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even now, the company is thinking of new ways to help their partners adjust to post-pandemic life.

“Since the start of the new normal, businesses and consumers have increasingly shifted into e-commerce, providing and purchasing goods and services online,” Atty. Alloysius R. Yebra, executive vice-president and head of healthcare division of Cocolife, said.

Atty. Alloysius Yebra, Executive Vice-President of Healthcare Division, Cocolife

“Thus, to keep up with the industry trend, our Healthcare [Group] and the entire Cocolife Group have moved towards digitalization to effectively utilize the internet as an avenue to cater to the evolving needs of our clients. This is also part of our initiative to make healthcare, life and non-life insurance, and investment products more accessible to Filipinos.” Atty. Yebra also noted that Cocolife has begun making improvements with their Healthcare Call Centers in line with initiatives aimed at maintaining and fostering good relationships with the company’s brokers and agents, who play a vital role in the industry.

“Cocolife-Healthcare should be the choice of clients due to its versatility in terms of our portfolio of offerings and our vast network of accredited service providers and facilities nationwide. We are committed to providing the best health insurance service to every Filipino,” Atty. Yebra said.

Currently, Cocolife offers life, accident, and health insurance plans; hospitalization plans; medical reimbursement programs; and third-party administration programs, among others. Cocogen, a member of the Cocolife group, provides non-life insurance designed to protect Filipino homes, businesses, automobiles, and even pets.

“My dream is for every Filipino family to have health insurance, not just ordinary health insurance but Cocolife-Healthcare insurance. I want every Filipino to associate reliable and accessible health insurance with Cocolife. In order to achieve this, I will work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. I will work on coordinating customer feedback, analysis of market trends, and implementation of solutions,” Atty. Yebra said.

Reliability beyond insurance

The Cocolife group has also strived to move beyond insurance as a way to engage and serve Filipinos.

”In any company, the people or their employees is still its best asset. To ensure the company’s success, business owners should take care of their employees as they render their talents and service to the company,” Maricar Mangulabnan, senior vice-president and head of group marketing at Cocolife, said.

Maricar Mangulabnan, Senior Vice-President and Head of Group Marketing, Cocolife

While businesses can avail of Cocolife’s comprehensive employee benefit packages to boost morale and retain employees of corporate clients, the company also offers packages designed for small to medium enterprises.

“We have group life insurance plans that can cover at least a group of three people with insurance benefits ranging from P300,000 to as much as P1 million,” Ms. Mangulabnan said. “Cocolife can come up with insurance benefit programs to suit the requirements of any business, big or small. We are flexible and committed to provide the best service possible to our clients in the most reasonable cost.”

“Cocolife has been a consistent leader in corporate and institutional insurance. With its long-running experience in the group insurance industry, Cocolife has been exposed and has been the preferred insurance benefit provider of entities from almost all types of business sector. Cocolife caters to start-up companies, SMEs, conglomerates and even local government units and agencies.”

Atty. Yebra added that the entire Cocolife group is continually studying and monitoring the market’s needs to come up with innovative solutions to best address its clients’ preferences. In relation to this, Cocolife has a specific department that primarily focuses on the development of these new and innovative products.

Atty. Yebra pointed out that with their wide array of quality and innovative insurance and investment solutions, Cocolife aims to become a one-stop shop designed to serve every Filipino.

“I am optimistic that the Philippine healthcare sector will grow significantly in the coming years. It will grow due to technological advancements, the increased health and wellness awareness of Filipinos, and implementation of national policies with regard to health. All these indicators point towards significant growth in the industry,” he said.

“Cocolife Healthcare will contribute to this growth by continuously adapting to our clients’ needs and improving processes that lead to the most efficient service. With our vast network of accredited service providers and facilities nationwide, we will continue to make healthcare more accessible to Filipinos from all walks of life.”

Learn more about Cocolife’s new and comprehensive life insurance products by visiting www.cocolife.com.


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