AIA Philippines introduces new fund to unlock growth potential of savings

AIA Philippines introduces new fund to unlock growth potential of savings

Even with the pandemic behind us, much of the uncertainty remains for most Filipinos. Because of this, more and more are saving up for the long run. According to the AIA Household Savings Behaviour Study conducted in 2021, 72 percent of Filipinos claim that their primary motivation for saving up is to manage uncertainty or prepare for emergency spending. Meanwhile, 65 percent said they want to guarantee financial security for themselves and their family members in case of untoward life events. As such, a lot are on the lookout for opportunities to maximize the growth potential of their savings.

AIA Philippines, one of the leading life insurance companies in the Philippines, recently introduced AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund, which is designed to help grow savings while they are protected, and at the same time receive additional financial benefits from the investment right away. Customers can stay invested while receiving potential quarterly dividend pay-outs, ensuring long-term savings growth opportunity is sustained. The dividend pay-out will not be treated as a withdrawal from the policy’s account value, making this an additional benefit that customers can enjoy.

The AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund is ideal for investors looking to maximize the growth potential of their savings with the possibility of additional income. It will be managed by experts from AIAIM Singapore, with years of experience handling over US$244 billion across different asset classes.

“AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund will open the door of opportunity to adventurous Filipino investors who are unafraid to take a risk and expand their investment portfolio for bigger rewards, bringing them a step closer to achieving their financial goals,” said Tennyson Paras, Head of Products of AIA Philippines. “At AIA Philippines, we are always on the lookout for innovative long-term savings solutions that will benefit our customers. This, combined with protection, allows us to be in a better position to help them live healthier, longer, better lives.”

Investing into the fund is available through AIA Philippines’ single-pay product Peso Money Tree Income-Paying which provides 125 percent of face amount for a minimum premium of P125,000.

Talk to an AIA Philippines financial advisor or click here to know more about AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund.


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