Ayala Foundation enters tie-up with trade events agency Global-Link MP

Ayala Foundation enters tie-up with trade events agency Global-Link MP

AYALA GROUP’S social development arm signed a partnership agreement with international trade marketing agency Global-Link MP Events International, Inc. to increase the visibility of its programs.

“We are grateful to Global-Link MP for sharing their expertise so that we can build stronger partnerships in the Philippines and beyond,” said Ayala Foundation President Antonio G. Lambino II at the signing ceremony late Thursday.

“This will enable us to combine efforts with experts in various development sectors to increase the impact of our work in partner communities,” he added.

Mr. Lambino said that the partnership with Global-Link MP will allow Ayala Foundation greater reach and increase the impact of its programs.

“For instance, Global-Link MP runs many trade shows. So, can those trade shows be sites for the products that our local communities produce? Can we provide more access to markets to them?,” he said.

“Can Global Link MP events be a site where (our partners) will meet designers who will help evolve their designs so that they can be exported? So those kinds of stakeholder connections, that’s what we’re looking for,” he added.

Mr. Lambino said that around 800 households in Palawan and 80 households in the Iraya Mangyan village could benefit from this partnership.

“But the programs will not just be limited to the indigenous people groups and the livelihood projects. There are also education and leadership programs and we have around 1,900 alumni from the Ayala Young Leaders Congress,” he said. 

Global-Link MP has over 25 local and international annual events in its portfolio.

Global-Link MP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Lawrence Tan said that “working with Ayala Foundation is not only about corporate social responsibility, but a strategic move born from the understanding that social impact and business success are intertwined.

“We are excited to work with Ayala Foundation to innovate and create experiences that uplift the lives of more Filipinos,” he added. — Justine Irish D. Tabile