Baguio, Chinese city eye sisterhood

Baguio, Chinese city eye sisterhood

BAGUIO CITY — The cities of Baguio in the northern Philippines and Chongzuo in China have started talks towards forging twinning and sisterhood ties.

Last week, a delegation from the Philippine-Guangxi Commercial Association, Inc. serving as representatives of Chongzuo City visited Baguio City and interacted with the members of the Sister Cities Executive Committee that focuses on processes towards forging the sisterhood ties.

The delegation was composed of Executive Vice Presidents Zhao Fu’an and Feng Tao, Vice President and General Secretary Wei Shengbo, Sister City Ambassador Bo Tao Zheng, Administrative Officer/Coordinator Mary Alice S. Rumbaoa and Technical Working Staff Zhang Hailin, Iyu Zhanglu and Julieta Quinto.

Both Baguio and Chongzuo share common physical attributes such as being mountainous and hilly, with Baguio having only about 57 square kilometers compared to Chongzuo’s more than 17,345 km2 land area that borders with Vietnam.

Baguio City, a cultural hub in the Cordillera highland region, thrives on tourism, education, retail, and services, supported by agriculture and academic institutions. On the other hand, Chongzuo is shaped by Chinese culture, relies on agriculture, forestry, and ecotourism, contributing to the Guangxi Autonomous Region’s economic growth.

Chongzuo features rapid urban infrastructure development, while Baguio balances sustainable development and preservation, showcasing a mix of urban and rural areas with modern infrastructure. — Artemio A. Dumlao