BCDA extends filing deadline for Clark ICT project bidders

BCDA extends filing deadline for Clark ICT project bidders

THE Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) said that it will be extending the deadline to submit the eligibility requirements for an information and communications technology (ICT) project in New Clark City to Feb. 16.

In a statement, the BCDA said the extension was granted at the request of prospective bidders.

“We understand that to do this project effectively, we will need the expertise of the private sector who can help us create a vibrant and innovative competitive market for ICT services via an Open Access Model,” BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer Joshua M. Bingcang said.

“This project is key to unlocking the potential of New Clark City as a smart and sustainable metropolis where its citizens have equal access to fast, reliable and affordable internet services,” he added.

The project involves building the foundation of fiber infrastructure and providing retail internet services across the 9,450-hectare zone.

It will be executed through a joint venture, with the bidder expected to handle the commercialization, expansion, repair, and maintenance of the passive ICT infrastructure.

The project seeks to incorporate an open access model in its underground network which will allow multiple data transmission providers to use it to offer retail services in the area.

The commercialization of the passive ICT infrastructure is viewed as a first step in developing a smart city with enhanced connectivity and the capacity to host data centers.

“Once fully developed, New Clark City is projected to become the home of about one million residents, with projected employment of about 200,000 workers,” the BCDA said.

Mr. Bingcang said in a recent briefing that the head of BCDA’s Joint Venture Committee is working with the Asian Development Bank to work out the procurement process for the ICT project.

He added that 18 companies attended the pre-bid conference, with at least three companies purchasing the bidding documents.

“But because this is a multi-discipline project, I think most of them will consolidate and form a consortium because some are contractors, others are IT (information technology) providers, the others are funders, etc. And you all need that in this project,” he said. — Justine Irish D. Tabile