Bontoc aims for zero injuries

Bontoc aims for zero injuries

BAGUIO CITY — Authorities in Bontoc, the capital town of Mountain Province, are working together to ensure zero injuries during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, steering clear of rowdy festivities involving firecrackers and the firing of guns.

During the Municipal Peace and Order Council Meeting, Bontoc’s elected officials, local police, Municipal Fire Station, and Health Office collectively appealed for cooperation from villagers to ensure a safe and injury-free holiday season.

Mayor Jerome Tudlong, Jr., emphasized the significance of public cooperation, stating, “Let us unite as a community to ensure a safe and enjoyable yuletide season. Your cooperation will contribute to a harm-free festive atmosphere.”

Police Major Pedro Tactay sought the support of barangay officials, urging Barangay tanods to enhance regular patrols while emphasizing the prohibition of gun firing for a tranquil celebration.

Municipal Health Officer Diga Kay Gomez underscored the importance of observing the firecracker law and Municipal Ordinance no. 115, S. of 2007, which restricts firecracker use among minors and regulates their overall use to maintain a record of zero firecracker-related injuries.

Bontoc Fire Station officials advised the public to use Christmas lights with Import. — Artemio A. Dumlao