Building bridges for industrial peace and solidarity

Building bridges for industrial peace and solidarity

APEX Mining Co., Inc. bags NCMB’s Outstanding Labor-Management Cooperation award

AMCINERO, the Labor Management Cooperation Committee of Apex Mining Co., Inc. (AMCI), was recognized for its outstanding labor-management cooperation (LMC) practices at the 13th National Convention on Labor-Management Cooperation held on Nov. 23-24.

The convention, with the theme “Reboot, Revitalize, Optimize: Getting Ahead Towards a Boundless Horizon,” was organized by the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) in partnership with the Philippine League of Labor-Management Cooperation Practitioners (PHILAMCOP).

The journey of the committee began in 2014 when management called for employee solidarity in times of adversity. In response to the call, AMCINERO was born in February 2015.

With the help of the NCMB Region Office 11, the company built foundations for its LMC objectives, including fostering harmonious relationships, providing a platform for dialogue, and establishing communication strategies.

The key roles of AMCINERO were institutionalized through an electoral process to represent the laboring majority. The company’s malasakit (care) programs have taken it far in achieving industrial peace, with programs and activities regularly conducted to ensure a well-balanced workplace of high- performing teams and well-cared-for individuals.

The Labor Management Committee has established various subcommittees addressing the well- being of the employees, such as Family Welfare, Code of Decorum and Investigation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Labor Laws Compliance, and Productivity Improvement committees.

Engr. Ernesto Javier, Mine Division Manager of AMCI, said, “The company is simply complying with the mandates of the law. Whatever we do, it’s not just for the company; there is always a basis. That’s what we want for our fellow mine workers to understand.”

AMCINERO also emphasized the importance of programs that create a well-rounded workplace, extending beyond work to education support, disaster response, health and wellness initiatives, environmental advocacy, and socio-cultural awareness activities.

To support the objectives of the committee, AMCI constructed a dedicated office building for the LMC. The newly built LMC office provides a centralized space for discussions, planning, and consultations with fellow employees, contributing to the overall efficiency of labor-management cooperation.

“The AMCINERO Building has finally become a reality so that here we can open the discussions on the progress of the employees and the company,” said Employees Relations President Nathaniel Estacion.

AMCINERO has also taken steps to address employee commuting challenges in the motor pool area. It has started the construction of a shaded pathwalk, which will provide employees with a comfortable and convenient journey to work.

In addition, the labor management committee has demonstrated its commitment to employee well-being by converting an old COVID-19 facility into a gender-responsive restroom facility. Despite initial plans for demolition, employee representatives successfully lobbied for its preservation, ensuring accessibility and cleanliness for all.

“That time, it was not properly maintained. Since it has become so dirty, the management has decided to demolish the comfort room. The employee representatives lobbied against its removal. Since the employees still had to walk far to reach the CR after getting off the bus, having one nearby is a big help. We are committed to maintaining cleanliness in order to provide access to the restroom,” said Mill Area Representative Franco Aboabo.

Furthermore, AMCINERO has successfully achieved its objectives by collaborating with different departments to organize various activities and programs. They have provided medical and health assistance; educational support; financial aid; public infrastructure; social, cultural, and regional assistance; and information and education campaigns.

In addition to the recognition received by the company’s LMC, AMCI’s Grievance Machinery (GM) was the sole enterprise to receive a Special Award in Proactive Grievance Prevention Practice for efficiently addressing workplace concerns.


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