‘Cha-cha’ ad gets negative review

‘Cha-cha’ ad gets negative review

A TELEVISION advertisement promoting the amendment of the 1987 Constitution garnered mostly negative reactions from Filipinos online, research firm Capstone-Intel Corp. reported on Tuesday.

It said the advertisement known for using the phrase “EDSA-pwera” garnered 94.8% of negative mentions on social media, while only 5.2% of the times it had been mentioned were positive.

“This means that the article mentions about ‘EDSA-pwera’ campaign was mostly angled negatively, and that forums had a variety of discussions hitting the commercial,” Capstone-Intel said.

The report added that Twitter received the highest count of negative mentions on the advertisement supporting Charter change or “Cha-cha” among the social media platforms at 52.6%. News platforms accounted for 20.4% of the negative mentions, while Facebook stood for 9.9%.

In total, the EDSA-pwera ad received a social media reach of 4.52 million. Non-social media reach was at 508,820. 

The research firm noted that the mentions, whether in social media platforms or in the news, were “mostly negative, emphasizing the failure of the campaign to persuade people why there is a need to amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution.” — Beatriz Marie D. Cruz