Consolidated security platform urged due to AI-driven attacks — Trend Micro

Consolidated security platform urged due to AI-driven attacks — Trend Micro

By Miguel Hanz L. Antivola, Reporter

Companies need to invest in a robust and consolidated platform for cybersecurity due to an expected surge in threats this year driven by artificial intelligence (AI), according to experts.

Predictions from the report of cybersecurity software company Trend Micro showed more cloud-native worm, supply chain, and private blockchain attacks to happen this year, affecting both public and private sectors in the Philippines.

These will double down on the use of generative AI tools for hyper-realistic and socially engineered audiovisual content, given its increasing availability and quality.

“Gone are the days of the silo solutions and isolated resources,” Ian Felipe, country manager at Trend Micro Philippines, told reporters during a briefing on Tuesday.

“The key to succeed in fighting these cybercriminals is having a consolidated approach,” he added. “Endpoint [security] will not suffice.”

“If the private companies are migrating to the latest technology, same goes with the cybercriminals,” said Monte de Jesus, senior threat researcher at Trend Micro Philippines.

“They are just following the money trails,” he added.

Trend Micro noted 52% of global organization with supply chains were hit by ransomware.

“Businesses must transition beyond conventional phishing training and prioritize the adoption of modern security controls,” Eric Skinner, vice president of market strategy at Trend Micro, said in a press statement.

“These advanced defenses not only exceed human capabilities in detection but also ensure resilience against these tactics,” he added.

Mr. Felipe has observed a general awareness and initiative among Philippine organizations to step up their cyber defenses by increasing their budget, he told BusinessWorld.

However, he noted the importance of having an integrated system and approach when dealing with threats.

“A lot of organizations right now use different security tools, but if it’s not consolidated or in a platform, it hampers the ability of the organization to respond to threats,” he said.

“It gives organizations the ability to respond promptly and correctly,” he added.