How LMA Law’s Atty. Peaches Aranas sees mentoring and guiding people as legacy

How LMA Law’s Atty. Peaches Aranas sees mentoring and guiding people as legacy

Lawyer Ma. Louella ‘Peaches’ M. Aranas believes that mentoring her law students, the next generation lawyers, to being more conscientious in the matter of paying taxes and thereby contributing to nation-building is the best legacy she can leave behind.

As a faculty member of the Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Law, Atty. Peaches mentors her students about the importance and value of taxes as well as the intricacies of tax laws. She believes that taxation is a duty of every Filipino citizen and in that regard, should be taught differently, not just like an ordinary subject in law school.

Helping people understand taxation

As a matter of fact, when she established LMA Law in 2015, Atty. Peaches made sure the law firm would go beyond standard client service by offering to teach the client and their staff the basics of Taxation, particularly in the aspect of tax compliance. The main goal has always been to help build the country by educating the people that paying taxes is not an obligation but a patriotic and nationalistic duty.

Aside from client service, LMA Law also shares knowledge in taxation and corporation law online. The law firm’s website and social media platforms are archives of written articles that focus on doing taxes right. Its Facebook page regularly shares digests that update people on the latest ruling, jurisprudence, and development in Philippine taxes and corporate practices.

“Sharing knowledge is not easy especially when it comes to taxes. In my heart, my deep desire is to help make taxation relatable to more people. We want to inspire more Filipinos to take on their patriotic duty to pay the correct taxes on time,” she said.

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education for lawyers

Way back in 2017, Atty. Peaches co-founded ACCESS, the country’s pioneer in online mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE). The primary goal was to help change the perception and attitude of lawyers towards MCLE in that, more than just complying and completing the required credit units, it is an opportunity to learn new things.

“Before the establishment of ACCESS, many lawyers thought of MCLE as just a waste of time. By curating our courses, providing three learning platforms — face to face, flexi synchronous and online on demand, we hope to make learning very convenient and of course more interesting. We aim to make lawyers look at MCLE as an opportunity for continued learning and professional growth,” Atty. Peaches said.

Atty. Peaches is also an MCLE lecturer. Through the online on demand and flexi synchronous platforms, she is able to quickly share more from her broad and wide experience in private tax and corporate practice.

“Sharing knowledge through my unique mentoring style, whether it is to my law students, my associates or even to my clients bring me a step closer to my dream. I dream of a country whose citizens believe that paying correct taxes on time makes one a true patriot,” Atty. Peaches concluded.


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