InnoCare looks to bring portable x-ray machines to Southeast Asia

InnoCare looks to bring portable x-ray machines to Southeast Asia

TAIPEI CITY — Taiwan-based company InnoCare Optoelectronics Corp. (InnoCare) seeks to distribute in Southeast Asia its portable x-ray flat panel detectors that can store and generate multiple images to help improve accuracy in detecting diseases, one of its top officials said.

“Most of the Southeast Asian countries are in the developing phase, so our idea is to promote our products to be able to go to tier two and tier three cities where we can let more and more people use [the flat panel detector] in the x-ray,” Raunak Joshi, business development manager for the InnoCare’s Asia-Pacific region, told BusinessWorld in the sidelines of the Healthcare+ Expo in Taipei City, Taiwan last week.

InnoCare is currently in talks with a potential distributor in the Philippines, he said.

“We’ve yet to find a partner in Philippines. So, hopefully after this [event], we can find a partner in Philippines,” Mr. Joshi added.

The new flat panel detectors would lessen the time to get an x-ray image to 10 seconds from the usual five minutes, he said.

The portable panel detectors can save multiple x-ray images that can be viewed through another gadget like a tablet, Mr. Joshi said. It is also powered by chargeable batteries.

“You [can] take this to a village, take a lot of scans, and then bring it back. At the end of the day, doctors can see a lot of images,” he said. “This has storage [compared to] the previous one.”

The flat panel detectors, through artificial intelligence, can also generate full images of respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, tuberculosis, and pneumonia with 90% accuracy.

InnoCare has distributed its handheld flat panel detectors in India, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, America, and Europe.

It also seeks to develop flat panel detectors to get longer x-ray images that would cover a person’s full spine or lower limbs, Mr. Joshi said. — Beatriz Marie D. Cruz