Jason Momoa travels outside comfort zone in docuseries On the Roam

Jason Momoa travels outside comfort zone in docuseries On the Roam


LOS ANGELES — Jason Momoa is excited to shed his acting persona and show audiences the real him in his new docuseries On the Roam.

“You get to see me not hiding behind the character trying to be, you know, king of this or warlord of that, this cool guy and that weird guy. It’s just 100% me. So scary,” Mr. Momoa said in an interview.

The MAX series, produced by the Discovery Channel, follows the Aquaman star across the country meeting inspiring experts in what they love.

From musicians to craftspeople, Mr. Momoa finds a connection with people from various walks of life in the series whose first two episodes premiered on Jan. 18.

“The cool thing is even though we travel around the world, it’s like you get the intimate look of going into someone’s world, all these different beautiful worlds,” he said.

Mr. Momoa makes it a point to soak up the local culture anyway wherever he travels to shoot a movie or have fun.

Every person and place he visited for the docuseries offered something special and authentic, the Game of Thrones actor said. “You can always find one really extremely interesting thing or person, and just sit and listen.”

Mr. Momoa is also the executive producer of On The Roam along with Brian Andrew Mendoza, who produced Braven, which starred Mr. Momoa in 2018.

While apprehensive about showing a more personal side of himself, he is optimistic that people will appreciate the stories.

“You know, it’s scary because it’s everything that I love and, it’s always like, is it good? Is it gonna get ratings? Is this good? Is it not?,” Mr. Momoa said. “And it’s just all my love and hard work going into it, and I hope people love it.” — Reuters