Skyworth unveils brand ambassador, awards ten ‘Sky Heroes’

Skyworth unveils brand ambassador, awards ten ‘Sky Heroes’

Skyworth Philippines announced the official launch of Gabbi Garcia as its first and newest brand endorser and recognized its awardees for the Sky Hero Awards in their event at Alta Guia in Taguig last Jan. 12.

Guests were encouraged to come wearing modern barong and Filipiniana, establishing the ambiance of celebration not just of technology and entertainment but also the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines.

Beyond the role of an actress and global endorser, Ms. Garcia is also a visionary and empowered woman. Along with this, she advocated for positive change, evident in her life advocacies on body positivity, women empowerment, mental health awareness, gender inclusivity, and many more which was fitting for the role of an “EyeCon.”

Gabbi Garcia with Skyworth’s 86″ SUE7800 Google TV

Ms. Garcia’s role as the “EyeCon of EyeCare TV” extends beyond endorsing technology. It symbolizes a visionary trendsetter empowering women and inspiring a generation to see the world differently.

The program covered her introduction as Skyworth’s brand endorser, an interactive Q&A session with members of the press, an official contract signing, and the brand’s messaging to the public.

Gabbi Garcia elegantly graces the stage in her modern-styled Filipiniana alongside the event host, Jing Castaneda.

Furthermore, Skyworth announced the awardees for the Sky Hero Awards, a recognition program in partnership with Junior Chamber International (JCI) to honor unsung heroes contributing to community rebuilding after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This awarding sought to further highlight the goal of Skyworth Philippines as a brand deeply rooted in Filipino culture and committed to creating an authentic and meaningful connection for the Filipino community.

The Sky Hero Award was aligned with the JCI RISE initiative, which stands for Rebuild-Invest-Sustain-Evolve. Its main purpose was to lift up individuals and communities who suffered during the pandemic era.

The Sky Hero Award was categorized into three categories: Business Recovery, Workforce Empowerment, and Mental and Physical Health Awareness.

The first SkyHero Awardees, composed of a diverse group including teachers, government employees, volunteers, social workers, a physician, an entrepreneur, and a salt farmer coming from different parts of the Philippines

The awardees represented a diverse range of community heroes who, despite the challenges, have made significant impact. These inspiring individuals include:

Agnes S. Begino, a dedicated community social worker contributing to economic development, workforce empowerment, and mental health preservation
Alladin Cuevas, a barangay chairman from Tondo, Manila who demonstrated exceptional leadership and service during challenging times
Dr. Dex Macalintal, a physician from Lipa City, Batangas, recognized for promoting physical and mental well-being through innovative strategies
John Jeffrey M. Dela Rea, a public school teacher focusing on child education and reading comprehension, addressing the decline in education during the pandemic
Juvien Galano, an advocate of sustainable waste management, promoting the circular economy and responsible consumption
Marivic Abunales Baston, a pioneer teacher in digital blended education, implementing innovative learning methods for students in Quezon City
Mary Val Antoinette Urian, a barangay councilor from Meycauayan, Bulacan, who demonstrated resilience and compassion in supporting various community needs
Suzette A. Prieto, a women’s rights advocate and public school teacher who empowers women and promotes mental and physical health
Trisha-Marie O. Albeus, an advocate of sustainable mushroom production, addressing economic challenges in their community; and
Wilfredo Dayrit, a salt farmer from Noveleta, Cavite who preserves traditional salt-making practices and promoting workforce empowerment

These awardees were honored not only for their individual achievements but also for their collective impact on community development, reflecting Skyworth’s commitment to positive social change.

Skyworth Chinese and Filipino executives wearing the traditional Barong and Filipiniana attire

The awarding was presided over by James Sun, general manager of Skyworth Philippines, and was graced by the presence of Ms. Garcia, alongside representatives from JCI.

The awardees received Skyworth products, cash prizes for seed funding, starting capital or training scholarships, and trophies.

Moreover, the appreciation given to the awardees transcended material rewards by virtue of the inspiration they inculcated in each of their communities through their stories of hard work, perseverance, and hope.


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