Taiwanese skincare brand seeks to enter Philippine market next year

Taiwanese skincare brand seeks to enter Philippine market next year

TAIPEI — Taiwan-based skincare brand Derma-Xpert is set to sell its skincare products in Philippine dermatology clinics and drugstores next year, an official said in the beginning of the month.

Its supplier, the Asia Pacific Lovaty Cosmeceutical Corp., recognizes the emerging skincare industry in the Philippines, and began talks with potential distributors in Manila last month.

“[Our goal for next year is to] seal the deal with [Philippine] distributors so they can sell in the Philippines,” Gia Lee, its sales representative, told BusinessWorld at the sidelines of the HealthCare+ Expo in Taipei City, Taiwan.

“Because [revenues from] the medical aesthetic industry is increasing in your country, maybe at least one product line [has] potential in your market,” Ms. Lee said.

Derma-Xpert has distributed its skincare products to clinics in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

The brand has marketed its skincare products to clinics, Ms. Lee said, citing how a dermatologist prescribing their products would help build buyers’ trust in the product.

“We want the doctor’s recommendation,” she said. “Because if they (dermatologists) trust our product quality and there is no problem, [that means] they will sell our product in their clinic,” she added.

Ms. Lee also cited the company’s particular products, intended for post-dermatology procedure care, like medicines after laser treatment.

However, she noted the company’s plans to sell in more generally accessible places like drugstores, noting its bigger market.

“We are still figuring that out because some people [have said that] the clinic is a potential market for us. But clinics [give] very small value for us because the average beauty customers buy from the store,” Ms. Lee said.

She said the company plans to sell its products in clinics, drugstores, pharmacies, and spas in Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Revenue from the Philippine skincare market was projected to amount to approximately $1.8 million (P99.7 million), according to German survey platform Statista. — Beatriz Marie D. Cruz