Twenty high-potential athletes to benefit from expanded Atletang Ayala program

Twenty high-potential athletes to benefit from expanded Atletang Ayala program

AYALA Foundation announces the recruitment of the next batch of athletes for the Atletang Ayala program, which supports Filipino athletes with great potential to become the country’s next crop of Olympic medalists, while also opening opportunities for them to build professional careers within the Ayala group of companies.

On behalf of the Ayala group, Ayala Foundation is increasing the number of new Atletang Ayala recruits from eight to 20, while also keeping an eye towards promoting greater diversity and inclusion by including more sports and high-potential para-athletes.

Under Atletang Ayala, selected athletes will receive benefits that augment their training requirements while also growing as Ayala group professionals. They will have full-salaried employment opportunities with flexible work arrangements; access Healthway Medical Network’s Athletes’ Health program, which includes physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, and sports psychology; enjoy full and free access to the world-class Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub (AVSH) in Cavite; and enroll in select courses at the De La Salle University should they wish to pursue further education.

To help close the gap between athletes’ financial needs and their goal of competing internationally, the enhanced program will also allow the new batch of athletes to receive fixed budgets for international training camps and competitions, including the Southeast Asian Games, the Asian Games, and the Olympics. In addition, athletes in the program will have the chance to help develop the next generation of sports enthusiasts and future national athletes through community-based sports programs.

In 2022, Atletang Ayala recruited its inaugural batch of eight exceptional athletes. These included swimmers Jasmine Alkhaldi and Xiandi Chua; archers Andrea Robles, Abby Bidaure, and Pia Bidaure; fencers Nathaniel Perez and Noelito Jose Jr.; and karateka Prince Alejo.

Their performances were encouraging, as each of the eight athletes improved significantly in the world rankings of their respective sports, while simultaneously receiving favorable performance appraisals at their jobs.

Atletang Ayala is now led by Ayala Foundation, the social development arm of the Ayala group. As one of the Foundation’s key programs under its Leadership Development pillar, Atletang Ayala aims to further develop young leaders that excel in their chosen sport to help uplift our nation.

The expanded Atletang Ayala program also seeks to inspire more Filipinos to pursue their athletic dreams and unite the nation through sports, as more athletes proudly represent the country on the global stage.

Athletes invited to qualify for the Atletang Ayala program will undergo a series of interviews until after the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. The next set of Atletang Ayala athletes will be announced before the end of the year.