World’s largest chief of staff organization expands in Asia/Philippines

World’s largest chief of staff organization expands in Asia/Philippines

London, United Kingdom — The Chief of Staff Association (CSA) marked a significant milestone with the graduation of its 5th Oxford cohort, signaling not just academic accomplishment but also a broader vision for expansion and diversity. CSA CEO Trent Smyth expressed his commitment to extending the organization’s footprint within the Asia Region, aiming to provide strategic leadership training and networking opportunities for Chiefs across the globe.

With a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, CSA stands as the premier professional body for chiefs of staff in private corporations, governments, nonprofits, and the military. The completion of the CSA program at Oxford University is a crucial step toward achieving the esteemed “Certified Chief of Staff®️” designation.

The CSA, known for its online and on-campus training programs, has strategically collaborated with prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School and Oxford Said Business School. Mr. Smyth emphasized the organization’s intention to establish a strategic regional presence in Asia, with a specific focus on the Philippines.

Trent Smyth, CEO of the Chief of Staff Association

“Manila is a fantastic jump-off point to many other strategic areas in Asia. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan are all nearby. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of welcoming Brian Poe-Llamanzares into our organization. Moreover, Brian has volunteered to act as an OIC regional director based out of Manila to help us connect with more people in the region,” Mr. Smyth stated.

Brian Poe-Llamanzares, the first Filipino representative and the youngest graduate from his Oxford cohort, sees this expansion as a unique opportunity for Asians, particularly Filipinos, to enhance their leadership skills and tap into an international network. He expressed plans to establish a regional office in Manila, fostering collaboration with local executives.

“There is a growing demand for skills training in the region, especially in emerging markets like the Philippines. In the coming year, I hope to set up a small regional office here in Manila and invite over the leadership of the chief of staff association to meet with local executives,” Mr. Poe-Llamanzares remarked.

Having recently completed the Oxford Program, Mr. Poe-Llamanzares is eager to share the knowledge and experiences gained during his training with fellow Filipinos. He assured updates on the Philippines’ expansion would be communicated through his social media channels in the upcoming months.

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