Human Nature all-grown up: A full routine review of some of its newest products

Human Nature all-grown up: A full routine review of some of its newest products

AS SOMEONE who has been using Human Nature products on and off for a few years now, I built an impression of it as a “no-fuss” Filipino brand — basic skincare products that are very cost-effective and beginner-friendly or when you just want a non-complicated routine that’s clean, sustainable, and locally made (and always has sunflower oil as one its key ingredients). Now 15 years old, Human Nature has – to my delight  — begun branching out beyond its basics and including more ingredients in its products.

It felt like as much as I have grown and my skincare has evolved over the years, Human Nature did, too.

Its newest line is described to have been developed for those who want to “enjoy a day-to-night natural glow,” according to a press release which came along with a package of products. Of the new releases, I was sent the Hyaluronic Acid Gel Day Moisturizer (P249.75/50 ml); Ceramide Skin-Renewing Night Cream (P299.75/50 ml); Sunflower Beauty Oil with Bakuchiol (P299.75/30 ml); and the Vitamin C + Hya Calamansi Radiance Serum (P495/30 ml) to try out and I will be reviewing them after using them for a solid month.

I don’t usually alter my entire routine for skincare reviews, but I felt that since I was already using Human Nature products — Nourishing Facial Wash (P84.75/50 ml) and Nourishing Toner (P114.75/50 ml) —  it felt right to just commit to a one-brand routine for a month.

But before we commence with the review, I’d like to point out that I’m in love with the packaging as Human Nature eschewed its usual minimalism for something with more colors and it looks so pretty on my nightstand.

For my daytime routine, after using the toner (I don’t use facial wash in the morning as a personal preference), I put on the Radiance Serum and let it dry for a bit before applying the Gel Day Moisturizer. At first, I tried to not use a facial oil just to see if it would work as my skin can be quite dry, so I usually use a heavier day cream (and not gel ones) which is formulated to suit normal to combination and oily skin types. After a few minutes, I felt my skin was tightening so I figured I needed a facial oil, so I added the beloved Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (P179.75/50 ml).

It’s not the most spreadable facial oil so I did have to combine it with the Gel Day moisturizer, and it worked so much better for me.

The Radiance Serum is formulated to leave the skin “visibly firmer and plumper” and has a brightening effect since Vitamin C and Calamansi Extract address hyperpigmentation. The serum spreads well, is very lightweight, and half a dropper is enough to cover my entire face. It also has a very slight citrusy fragrance which isn’t overpowering but something to take note of for people who may be sensitive to fragrances.

I like this serum because it’s not as finicky as some Vitamin C serums where you must worry about oxidation affecting its effectivity since it’s not an oil. But as with all Vitamin C serums, please use sunscreen as the final step as it may make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

The moisturizer is good, especially for those who don’t have dry skin like mine. I feel like it’s an embodiment of what a good Human Nature product is — no-fuss and effective. It did hydrate my skin but I just needed a little more oil in the formulation since my skin dries too fast.

Oh, and it smells like Jelly-Ace, or those jelly snacks I used to eat as a kid! I loved that.

At night, I use a facial wash and toner, then I use the Sunflower Beauty Oil with Bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is a plant that’s often called nature’s retinol in that it helps improve the turnover of skin cells and stimulates collagen synthesis for smoother and more radiant skin. The product description said that it helps reduce fine lines, acne scars, and dark circles but without the irritation commonly associated with retinol products. As a person on the verge of their 30s, anti-aging ingredients are a must at this point. I’ve been using retinol for a few years now but in low concentrations because I do fear skin irritation or increased sensitivity. This Sunflower Beauty Oil with Bakuchiol hasn’t irritated my skin so that’s great, and since it’s an oil rather than a serum it keeps the moisture in better which my dry skin loves. It seems to smell like grape juice and if there’s one improvement I’d suggest, I’d recommend experimenting with other packaging since my bottle often overspills or drips down (it’s something I also notice with my sunflower oils).

I can’t talk a lot about how it works on fine lines since I don’t have a lot of those yet, but I can say that it kept my skin healthy for the past month I’ve been using it.

Finally, the Ceramide Skin-Renewing Night Cream ends my night routine. It has Jojoba and Sunflower Oil which is great for dry skinned people like me and I imagine it would also work for people with combination skin as, despite having oils as ingredients, it is lightweight — though I imagine you can use a pea-sized amount if you feel that you have too much oil on your face after the Bakuchiol.

All in all, I love how my skin currently looks and feels after a solid month of using these products. My favorites would have to be the Ceramide Night Cream and Bakuchiol Oil as it is just so satisfying waking up with plump, well-moisturized skin. These products are must-haves for those looking for local, clean beauty brands that are priced very competitively.

Human Nature products are available on the Human Nature website, Shopee, Lazada, Watsons, and leading malls nationwide.


Zsarlene Chua is a former BusinessWorld reporter who is now a fledgling PR girl. She’s all about skincare, makeup, and video games. None of the products recommended are the writer’s clients. Unless mentioned, all the products are independently reviewed and acquired products. Contact the author at