Segway to affordable and electrified mobility

Segway to affordable and electrified mobility

Autohub Group now distributes e-scooter brand, schedules rollout in early 2024

By Dylan Afuang

FOR THE AUTOHUB Group, electric mobility can come in two wheels and four, and at prices affordable and premium.

As the local distributor of Lotus cars, the company introduced the brand’s P10-million Eletre electric SUV at the 11th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS), and also showcased the electric scooters from the China-headquartered Segway brand it now handles.

The N100, E110L, and E300SE models comprise the local Segway lineup. Autohub has opened reservations for these e-scooters, which will then be delivered to customers in January 2024, when these will also be made available for purchase, Autohub President Willy Tee Ten announced at the PEVS.

“As the Philippine distributor (of Segway e-scooters), we actively seek partners who share our vision for a sustainable and connected future,” Mr. Tee Ten expressed to the media at the exhibition. He continued, “All (these models come) at highly competitive prices, making them a truly accessible option for Filipinos.”

Pegged at P109,000, the N100 is powered by a 1,500-W motor, capable of a 60kph top speed, and can travel a range of 105km. The motorcycle’s weight is estimated at 67kg, and that factors in the 14kg, 72V 24Ah battery it carries.

For P125,000, the E110L provides a more powerful 1,800-W motor that generates 150Nm and allows a top speed of 62kph. Range, on the other hand, is rated at 110km on a full charge.

Priced at P275,000, the E300SE leads the local Segway lineup with its sizable 7,800-W motor and generous 200Nm of torque. While the E300SE’s terminal velocity is limited to 105kph, the dual battery system it utilizes returns an estimated range of 130km.

EABS-equipped front and rear disc brakes, LED headlights, and signal lights are standard with these Segway e-scooters. With a 250-W battery, the N100 and E110L can be fully charged in eight to nine hours, but the E300SE requires only 5.5 hours because of its 1,008-W charger.

While the company peddles the brand’s scooters, a separate entity will handle the brand’s alternative mobility products such as kick scooters and electric go-karts, Autohub Marketing Manager for Lotus, Mini, and Rolls-Royce Mae Pacatang-Valdez shared to “Velocity.”

The Segway e-scooters will also be retailed under the roof of Autohub’s multi-brand showroom in BGC, Taguig City, alongside the aforementioned vehicle marques, Ms. Pacatang-Valdez added.